Hilldale Sanitary District

Hilldale Supervisor

Al Bensemann

3360 Highway K
Hartford, Wisconsin 53027

Phone: (262) 673-7214
Email: tpfeifer@townofhartford.com

Your payment can be dropped off at the Town of Hartford in the drop box located outside of the building on the left side of the main door.

December 13, 2016



This is to inform you that the new 2017 billing year will see an increase in your unit charge (1 unit = 1000 gallons), an increase in the Rec charge and an increase in the Equipment Account Fund.

For the 2017 billing year the new unit charge will be $12.79/1,000 gallons of use. This reflects a 5% increase in rates. The REC charge will increase by 5% which will amount to $82.77 per quarter. The Village of Slinger has increased its rates by 10%, the District has chosen to only employ a 5% increase to you the users. The District has made this decision because in recent months there have been several upgrades and repairs to both lift stations, resulting in some savings which we feel can offset the higher charges from the Village of Slinger.

The Equipment Account Fund will be increased from $23.00 to $26.00 to help build a small cushion in the reserve for the Hilldale Sanitary District. Recent repairs and replacements on both lift stations have drained the accounts. Without a reserve on hand, any unforeseen disaster or breakdown could again cause the District to go into debt.

Again, as the commissioners of the HSD, we remind you that the district is still seeing a considerable amount of clear water infiltration into the system, especially during wet seasons.  We again take this opportunity to remind you of the District Ordinance regarding the discharge of sump pump water into the system and the resulting fine if this illegal activity is discovered.

Thank you for your cooperation.

_____________________________, Maurice Strupp, Chairman

_____________________________, Scott Lofy, Supervisor

_____________________________, Ralph Horst, Supervisor